Metalcore from Kassel

 Etienne Weckes


Daniel Dobrick


Nils Jäger


Chris Ickler



Beyond the Ocean is reimagining metalcore with disrupting synthesizers & striking sub-drops.
Starting off in 2018 at their self-made rehearsal room near Kassel, Germany, Ben Schönwald (former Guitar), Daniel Dobrick (Drums) and Etienne Weckes (Vocals, Production) have turned their musical journey into a wild rave having gained the acquaintance of their new members Chris Ickler (Bass) & Nils Jäger (Guitar).
Beyond the Ocean made their first studio experiences in cooperation with Marburg Records in their year of founding.
The result of their work was released in december 2018 in form of their first EP „Riptides“.
During the next two years they shared the stage with bands like „Our Mirage“, „Stillbirth“ & „We Scrape the Sky“; playing shows all across Germany.
The departure of their guitarist Ben had a great influence on the combo though they managed to publish another EP called „Sanity“, altogether with their first lyric video, which was the last record they released together.
After that they were forced to restructure their concept for live shows, however this resulted in them finding their own way of writing & performing music.
Beyond the Ocean played their last show of 2020 at KFZ in Marburg before the corona virus shut any events down and they invested their time into learning how to produce them themselves.
Right now they are working on publishing their new self-produced album „Lost“, whose first Single „The Revenge“ hit streaming services in december 2020. On May 7th 2021 they released the second Single called "Spliffy Clyro & the Marshmallow-Pumpgun-Gang."

What makes the band stand out in their field is the way they combine modern electronic influences with 2010 metalcore breakdowns, contrasting their outstanding clean vocal choruses.
Taking a closer look at the lyrics you will find their insides turned out letting us know (more or less) subtly about their political and social mindsets.